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Top 11 Charitable Organizations for Tree Planting in 2023

Planting trees represents a straightforward yet impactful way to give back to your community and contribute to environmental conservation. However, with numerous charities dedicated to tree planting, it’s essential to identify those with aligned missions and effective goals. So, the question arises: which are the most commendable charities for tree planting?

The optimal charities for tree planting encompass One Tree Planted, Neighborhood Forest, and Trees for the Future. Additionally, initiatives like Trees, Water & People and the International Tree Foundation play significant roles in global reforestation and environmental education.

Whether your interest lies in addressing climate change, preserving wildlife habitats, or benefiting local communities, there’s a charity tailored to your preferences. Yet, selecting a charity with enduring and impactful objectives remains paramount. Continue reading to delve into the backgrounds, programs, and ways to contribute to some of the leading tree planting charities.

Common Traits of the Best Tree Planting Charities

These chosen charities collaborate closely with local communities and governmental bodies to ensure a sustainable and lasting impact from tree planting efforts. Through continuous improvement and the introduction of new goals, initiatives, and solutions, they consistently enhance their projects year after year.

Their endeavors span diverse global locations, from Indonesian rainforests to cities in the UK. Despite geographical differences, they all unite under the shared aspiration of creating a greener future, characterized by tree planting and a reduction in carbon footprints.

The Definitive List of the Top 11 Tree Planting Charities in 2023

Presenting our preferred tree planting charities:

  1. One Tree Planted
  2. Neighborhood Forest
  3. Trees for the Future
  4. Trees, Water & People
  5. International Tree Foundation
  6. Inga Foundation
  7. Woodland Trust
  8. Trees for Life
  9. Trees for Cities
  10. Tree Aid
  11. International Animal Rescue

One Tree Planted: A Dollar, A Tree

Established by Matt Hill in 2014 in Shelburne, Vermont, One Tree Planted simplifies tree planting by enabling individuals and businesses to plant trees for just one dollar. This non-profit strives to foster accessible avenues for global reforestation and community support.

Transparency and Recognition:

One Tree Planted holds the esteemed Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, reserved for organizations that openly share their results and progress. It also boasts a perfect 100% rating for impact and outcomes from Charity Navigator.


With a global reforestation focus, One Tree Planted plants trees across 28 countries spanning North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific. Their work extends to restoring land affected by human and natural disasters, offering aid to impacted communities and ecosystems.


According to their 2020 report, One Tree Planted has planted over 10 million trees, restoring over 15,000 hectares of land. The organization raised $15 million in 2020 and aims to plant an additional 20 million trees in 2021.


Supporting One Tree Planted involves direct donations, with every dollar planting a tree. Engage further by joining the community, becoming an ambassador, launching your fundraiser, or participating in tree-planting events as a volunteer.

Neighborhood Forest: Nurturing Children’s Tree Connections

Founded in 2010 by Vikas Narula, Neighborhood Forest emerged from the desire to provide children with the opportunity to cultivate their trees. This non-profit targets reducing carbon footprints and instilling nature appreciation in youngsters through its tree-planting project.

Transparency and Ratings:

Neighborhood Forest holds the prestigious Platinum Seal of Transparency granted by GuideStar. Financial reports indicate that 87% of donations directly benefit their program, with the remaining 13% allocated to operational needs.

Fostering Tree Bonds:

Neighborhood Forest gifts trees to children, youth, and families during Earth Week, enabling them to witness their growth and develop an affinity for nature. Since these trees are planted on personal property, they receive the attention and care needed to thrive.


Over 500,000 families have been reached, affording more than 130,000 children the chance to plant trees. The initiative has expanded to encompass 1,500 schools, youth groups, and libraries across North America.


Contribute by donating through the Neighborhood Forest website, becoming a sponsor, or staying informed through their Facebook page.

Trees for the Future: People and Planet Prosperity

After a transformative volunteer experience in the Philippines, Grace and Dave Deppner established Trees for the Future in 1989 in Maryland. This non-profit seeks to address poverty and ecological challenges through tree planting and sustainable agriculture.

Transparency and Ratings:

Trees for the Future receives an 89.95% score from Charity Navigator and the esteemed Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Empowering Farmers:

Trees for the Future facilitates tree planting across Sub-Saharan African nations, empowering farmers through the Forest Green Program. This four-year course equips farmers with the knowledge to plant, cultivate, and protect trees, fostering stable incomes and food security.


By July 2020, Trees for the Future improved nutrition, food security, and income for 152,403 individuals while planting over 191 million trees. They envision uplifting one million people from the cycle of poverty and hunger by 2025 through the planting of 500 million trees.


Support Trees for the Future by donating or organizing fundraisers. You can also personalize tree planting certificates, engage as a brand partner, or volunteer.

Trees, Water & People: Reforestation Rooted in Communities

Founded in 1998 in Colorado, Trees, Water & People combats deforestation in Latin America. This non-profit emphasizes community-based development and engages locals in reforestation and clean energy projects.

Transparency and Ratings:

Trees, Water & People holds a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and the prestigious Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Community-Centric Approach:

Prioritizing community engagement, Trees, Water & People involves local populations in tree planting efforts and clean cookstove initiatives. Their projects extend to producing renewable energy sources, enhancing the lives of families.


In 2019/2020, Trees, Water & People installed almost 300,000 clean cookstoves in Honduras and collaborated with indigenous groups to plant over 12,000 native trees. Future plans include planting an additional 24,000 seedlings.


Support their cause by offsetting CO2 through tree planting, making direct donations, participating in their travel program, or volunteering.

International Tree Foundation: Pioneering Reforestation Advocates

Originally established as Men of Trees, the International Tree Foundation (ITF) in 1992 strives to drive global reforestation and environmental awareness. Based in the UK, this non-profit funds projects promoting sustainable livelihoods and forest conservation.

Transparency and Ratings:

ITF, a registered non-profit, annually releases financial reports. In 2019, 87% of their income funded charity projects, while 13% supported fundraising.

Planting for a Purpose:

Operating in Africa and the UK, ITF collaborates with local communities to establish sustainable programs. Their initiatives encompass African dryland restoration, indigenous tree preservation, and reforestation.


ITF has facilitated 26 environmental programs across Africa, planting over 805,000 trees in 2020 alone. Their work extends to supporting mental well-being through nature engagement in the UK.


Support ITF through direct donations, becoming a member, or volunteering when opportunities arise.

Inga Foundation: Land Restoration and Livelihood Transformation

Established in 2007 by Mike Hands, the Inga Foundation combats rainforest depletion by offering sustainable agricultural alternatives to farmers. This non-profit focuses on Inga Alley Cropping to bolster livelihoods and combat deforestation.

Transparency and Ratings:

The Inga Foundation allocates 75.3% of income to charitable activities and 3.9% to governance costs.

Sustainable Farming:

The Inga Foundation educates farmers worldwide in Inga Alley Cropping, minimizing the need for deforestation for agriculture. This approach uses nitrogen-fixing trees to sustain soil fertility and enhance farmers’ economic prospects.


Working with over 500 families, the Inga Foundation has planted more than 5 million trees through sustainable practices in 15 countries, averting substantial CO2 emissions and restoring degraded land.


Donate directly or follow their social media channels to stay updated on projects and accomplishments.

Woodland Trust: Nurturing the UK’s Woods and Trees

Founded in 1972, the Woodland Trust emerged from a kitchen table gathering of friends. As the UK’s largest woodland conservatory charity, it endeavors to protect woodlands, offset carbon emissions, and engage in policy discussions.

Transparency and Ratings:

The Woodland Trust exhibits transparency by releasing annual reports and accounting details. They also address gender pay gaps and ethical work practices.

Preserving Nature:

The Woodland Trust contributes to climate change mitigation by planting trees and safeguarding woodland ecosystems. The organization’s research efforts yield critical insights into environmental matters.


Over 50 million trees have been planted since 1972, rejuvenating 34,000 hectares of woodland. A goal of planting an additional 50 million trees over the next five years aligns with carbon offsetting objectives.


Support the Woodland Trust through donations, dedicating trees or park amenities, volunteering, or fundraising.

Trees for Life: Highland Revival Through Tree Planting

Established in 1993 in Scotland, Trees for Life focuses on restoring the Scottish Highlands’ ecosystems. Their projects encompass native tree planting, wildlife reintroduction, and community engagement.

Transparency and Ratings:

Trees for Life discloses annual financial reports, with 76% allocated to forest restoration and volunteer training.

Cultivating Highland Ecosystems:

Trees for Life concentrates on the Caledonian forest, planting native species and nurturing natural regeneration. Their efforts extend to reintroducing native wildlife, such as lynxes and red squirrels.


Trees for Life has planted 1.5 million trees, reclaiming over 10,000 acres of forests. Ongoing expansion efforts aim to include more volunteers in Highland restoration.


Support Trees for Life through donations, adopting trees or groves, volunteering, or raising awareness.

Trees for Cities: Urban Greenery and Community Engagement

Founded in 1993 in London, Trees for Cities stands as the pioneering UK charity dedicated to urban tree planting. The organization’s initiatives focus on greening cities, fostering environmental consciousness, and cultivating edible gardens.

Transparency and Ratings:

Trees for Cities allocates 91% of income to their charitable goals, with transparent financial reporting.

Enhancing Urban Landscapes:

Trees for Cities thrives on planting trees and parks in urban settings, combating climate change and enhancing biodiversity. Their efforts extend to award-winning edible playgrounds that educate students on cultivating and consuming nutritious food.


Trees for Cities boasts over a million planted trees across 26 cities. Recent additions include 41 edible playgrounds, benefiting 16,456 students, with plans for further tree planting in 11 cities.


Support Trees for Cities through donations, volunteering, or fundraising. Utilize the Amazon Smile program to donate a portion of your online purchases.

Tree Aid: Elevating Lives Through Tree Planting

Tree Aid, established in 1987 in response to famine in Ethiopia, focuses on addressing poverty in African drylands. This non-profit contributes to tree planting, environmental protection, and sustainable agriculture.

Transparency and Ratings:

Tree Aid’s 2019/20 impact report indicates that 85% of funds are directed toward projects, while 15% is used for fundraising and administrative functions.

Harmony of Poverty Alleviation and Reforestation:

Tree Aid extends its reach to Sub-Saharan African nations, restoring land and enhancing food security. Collaborating with local communities, the organization empowers farmers, fostering sustainable livelihoods.


Tree Aid has regenerated 155,522 hectares of land, planting over 22 million trees and impacting 1.8 million individuals across African drylands. Aiming to restore 100 million hectares as part of the Great Green Wall movement by 2030 is a significant milestone.


Support Tree Aid through direct donations, merchandise purchases, fundraisers, or leaving a lasting gift in your will.

International Animal Rescue: Trees for Habitat Protection

International Animal Rescue (IAR), active since 1989, focuses on animal protection and habitat preservation. This non-profit rescues animals globally and plants trees to safeguard environments, particularly orangutan habitats.

Transparency and Ratings:

IAR boasts a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, along with a 100% finance and accountability rating from Charity Navigator.

Guardians of Animal Habitats:

IAR’s animal rescue efforts span countries with endangered species and habitats. They prioritize restoring rainforests by planting trees, ensuring a thriving home for orangutans and other wildlife.


IAR has successfully planted thousands of trees, with ongoing efforts to replant 75,000 seedlings in Indonesia’s restoration program, yielding a remarkable 99% success rate.


Support IAR by donating, engaging in gaming fundraisers, volunteering at sanctuaries, or adopting an animal.

Selecting the Optimal Charities for Your Support

The aforementioned charities represent exceptional options for those passionate about tree planting. Nevertheless, your personal inclination might lead you to other organizations. To make a well-informed contribution, consider these steps:

  1. Visit the charity’s website to understand its mission and values, and explore its history and accomplishments.
  2. Verify the charity’s mission clarity and measurable goals for effective impact.
  3. Assess the charity’s achievements and performance in reaching its objectives.
  4. Examine the charity’s financial transparency, including published annual reports and financial statements.
  5. Seek firsthand insights from individuals who have interacted with or benefited from the charity’s initiatives.
  6. Gauge the charity’s reputation and quality by researching its projects and contributions.

Supporting Your Chosen Charities Effectively

Once you’ve identified the charities aligning with your values, determine how you can best support their efforts. Investigate the charity’s programs to ascertain their purpose and relevance to your interests. Your support can take various forms:

  1. Financial contributions: Direct donations via websites, recurring payments, or other platforms.
  2. Merchandise purchases: Buying official charity merchandise to spread awareness.
  3. Online shopping: Utilizing platforms like Amazon Smile to allocate a portion of purchases to the charity.
  4. Volunteer work: Engaging in hands-on volunteering for local or grassroots initiatives.
  5. Fundraising: Organizing creative fundraising campaigns, both online and offline.
  6. Sharing stories: Amplifying the charity’s impact by sharing its stories and accomplishments.

In Conclusion

Selecting the ideal charity for tree planting may present a challenge. Your preferences might lean toward wildlife protection, poverty alleviation, or carbon offsetting. Your choice should align with your heart’s call and resonate with your goals. Thoroughly research any organization before committing to support, ensuring that your contribution fosters a meaningful impact.

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