Committed to providing top notch service.

When it comes to reliable home services, My Home Wizard is here to take up the mantel. We know that life keeps you busy, and sometimes you need to hand off the day to day home projects. Since our founding, we've always remained committed to treating each client's home as if were our own, from comprehensive cleaning to tenant turn over, which is why we stand by our service guarantee.

So why My Home Wizard?

We do the things around your home that you don’t have time to do. We free you up to chase passions, family, friends, and dreams that really matter. When we see folks around town, we always say hi. We’re the good guys. Doing whatever it takes (and probably a little more) to help make your life easier, and simpler.

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Our Mission

We are in business to provide superior quality home service.
Giving our customers more time to engage in the things they love.

Our Vision

To be the United States’ most loved, highest quality, and socially responsible home service company.

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Core Values


Our #1 Core Value that we put all our heart and soul in to building and maintaining. We understand that we are nothing without our customers and their support.


We strive to provide the utmost quality to our customers, franchises, and partners through open communication and comprehensive training amongst our team

My Home Wizard has been serving customers since 2020. We have grown to be

one of the top rated home services companies in the southeast through a commitment to providing a world-class experience for our customers.

We believe that if our employees are happy and fulfilled, they will go above and beyond in delighting our customers. That is the heart of the My Home Wizard philosophy: Every little thing matters. A lot. The My Home Wizard team is always looking at everything that we do to improve the quality of our team and their quality of life so that we can provide a quality service that sets the standard for not just the home services industry, but the entire service sector.

Our No. 1 Job?

We help you keep your home beautiful.

Ready to take on your next home project?

Get in touch with our team and we'll help you accomplish your next big move